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Parenting OMG!

Parenting OMG!

Are you so frustrated with your kids that you're ready to EXPLODE?

Are Your Kids Walking all over You?

Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself.

  • ignores you?

  • is disrespectful to you or other adults?

  • has a "you owe me" attitude?

Do you have a child that:

  • refuses to do chores?

  • makes unreasonable demands ?

  • feels like you always owe him/her something?

  • takes everything you do for him/her for granted?

  • doesn't do what he/she is told?

  • refuses to get off the cell phone, TV, or video games?

  • doesn't go to bed at bed time?

  • acts like he/she can't do anything for him/herself?

  • acts out in public places or in front of other people?

  • rudely interrupts you and others constantly?

  • makes loud noises when you're on an important phone call?

  • fights with other siblings?

  • sneaks and does things they aren't supposed to do?

  • flat out refuses to listen?

     Do you ever worry:

  • If you're giving your child too little or too much discipline or priviledges?

  • If your child will be successful?

  • If your child will manage money appropriately when they get older?

  • If your child will know what to do when he or she reaches the real-world?

Do you ever feel like:

  • You can't get anything done because you're constantly having to stay on your kids to keep them in line?

  • If you turn away, even for a second, disaster will strike?

  • It's impossible to get things under control?

How do you handle it?


Do you ignore it? Make excuses? Give discipline? Spank? Punish? Take things away?


Does your child resent you for any of these things?

Do you ever feel like one day, you're going to get so fed up that you might just get up and walk out the door?

Take a moment to breathe.

Everything is going to be okay.

If you're a parent who can relate to some or all of the above, there's some good news and some bad news.


The good news is, this problem is easily fixable if you catch this behavior early enough.


The bad news is, if you're already experiencing this behavior from your child and you don't make a change now, you'll be headed for a myriad of trouble in the very near future. 

They say that just an ounce of prevention is much better than a pound of cure.

So how do we stop and prevent unhealthy behavior from kids now and in the future? How do we find that balance in the midst of the parenting juggling act?

There are several things that need to happen. For starters...

We have to:

  • Be organized and consistent

  • Have established rules ahead of time, before something happens

  • Follow through with consequences - every time

  • Give discipline (not punishment)

  • Redirect a child when he/she misbehaves

  • Instill good work ethic by giving examples

  • Teach or "coach" the child to do things for him/herself

Now, this can help just about any family, but not all parents have time to deal with it and may be too overwhelmed as is. In many situations, it's too much to remember and stay on top of, especially with busy and hectic schedules with kids. It can be difficult to handle it all, let alone be organized about it. 

And that's the problem...

Me and every other "Joe Schmoe" can tell you what to do all day long, but it does nothing to solve the actual problem.

Instead of telling parents what to do, parents need to know how to put these things into place without feeling so inundated by it. Not only this, but parents need an actual physical helping hand.

In our every day busy and hectic lives, it's truly a struggle to follow all the "parenting rules". Nobody's perfect and we don't always do what we "should" do as parents because life happens. This is why we need help... But where do we find such help?

Here are a couple of options:

One way to get help is though parenting groups. You can find one in almost any neighborhood through social media, where you and other parents can share tips, tools, and advice. You can also help each other and give each other emotional support. Lean into your community and you'll be suprised at how much you and your community can work together to help each other out. If you need a little direction, here are a couple of parenting facebook groups to get you started:

In addition to connecting with other parents, I have a much more immediate solution. It's a break-through tool called Mom Dollar Money. This tool implements positive discipline, child psychology, and real-world examples to bring about mental change in children. 


This system that literally works like magic to motivate children to cooperate and do chores, while providing a middle-ground to eliminate power struggles between parents and kids. It also makes it super easy to give consequences (every parent's least favorite part), without always having to be the bad guy. Children also learn how the real world works (a necessary part of education which is lacking from most schools).

This system is the help you've been looking for! It actually does most of the work for you so that you don't have to stress so much. It literally works like magic to make children actually want to cooperate on their own.

What exactly can you do with this system?

Well... You can do a LOT

• Enforce rules without feeling like you're being the bad guy.

• Quickly and easily settle conflict between you and your kids.

• Discipline calmly without yelling, nagging, or spanking.

• Easily motivate your child to do chores without a fight.

• Stop the back-talking, bad attitudes, & inappropriate behavior.

• Stop struggling with decision-making on discipline.

• Know exactly what to do in nearly every situation when a child misbehaves.

• Stop worrying if you're doing or giving your child too much or too little.

• Stay organized with discipline, rewards, consequences, and so much more.

• Effectively stop & redirect your child's misbehavior right on the spot.

• Equip your child with necessary life-skills in a fun & easy way.

• Give your child tools to become accountable for him/herself.

• Easily educate your child about how the real world works.

• Raise kids who are responsible with money.

• Use 2 words to get your child to listen to you instantly.

• End the "you owe me" entitlement mentality.

• Stop dealing with the aggravation of kid chaos.

• Enable your child to understand why you have rules & why they should do their part.

• Do all of the above without a cash allowance!

This book and kit provides a win-win solution for parents and kids. Kids actually love this system.


It's just as rewarding for kids as it is for parents, and is just as entertaining as it is educational

Legitimate Reviews from other relieved parents

Here's just a few reviews from other relieved parents

If you're frustrated, overwhelmed, or just flat out ready to walk out the door, there are solutions, but you must be willing to take action. When parents have difficulty with child(ren), and they put off addressing these problems until later, it only gets worse. Therefore you must take action right now!

Get Started Using the Mom Dollar Money System Today

Mom Dollar Money Instant PDF Download

It will only be 8 years

until a 10 yr old

is one of the adults running this world.


There's a lot to learn in those 8 short years.

2,920 days isn't much in the grand scheme of life.

Entitlement Generation

A Short Documentary

Dr. Phil: "We've Created a Generation of Entitled, Narcissistic People"

Statistics about

Child Entitlement in America

Spoiled and entitled children aren't just a myth, and it doesn't happen to just some families, it happens to most families. It's a real problem. Crime has gone up, and so has poverty and unemployment, as well as adult children living with parents, and there are plenty of stats to back it up.


It's not just the fault of parents, however. It's a combination of our lack of awareness along with the rapid advancement of society, media, and technology.


The way we were raised won't work with the kids of today because everything has changed so quickly (more so in the last 50 yrs then ever before). Our children's education is also still too far behind.


We as parent's have to "get with the times or get left behind" - so to speak.

Therefore, there is never a better time than now to take action. This system is one of the best ways to get you there! 

If you're tired of the everyday kid chaos, or backtalking, or disrespect, and or bad behaviors; If you're worried about your child's future; If you want your child to be ahead of the game; If you need a helping hand, This system is the answer! 

Mom Dollar Money Instant PDF Download                                                                                                                                              Contact
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