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A Rules, Reward, & Discipline System Motivates Children to Behave on Their Own 


This tool was created by a single mom to help with discipline and put a dent in the entitlement generation.


This book & kit is not for telling you how to parent your child, but rather provide a tool to help make things easier along the way. If you need help with obtaining peace and structure with your children. You've come to the right place.


This kit will help kids learn money management, life-skills & self-discipline all at the same time.  It's set up to make children accountable for their actions without the parent feeling the need to spank or stress so much. 


This system is based upon the job, monetary and legal system that adults operate within today; and it's been broken down to a child's level.  This toolkit gives hands on experience by bringing real life responsibility to a child's level of understanding. 


Children can also learn self-sufficiency, earning, moderation and many other important life skills.  This toolkit motivates kids to help out with household chores and to take on responsibilities independently -- without paying a cash allowance. 


Once you begin using this system, you can say two words that in most situations will get your kids to listen to you almost instantly. 


The system is a 2-fold piece.


The first half gives preliminary information and pointers on discipline. The other half is an interactive kit that parents use with their children. These two things together can give a helping hand to parents that are struggling to get cooperation from their children. It also helps children understand their part in this world and teaches important life skills.


Everyone with kids or planning on having kids can benefit from this system. The charts make it simple to start using immediately and I found that kids love the idea of it too.


Here are some facts I found while surfing the net.


New York Times --


More time with television, films, video games, magazines, music and internet are linked to raises in childhood obesity, tobacco use, and sexual behavior.  There was also a strong correlation with drug, alcohol use, and low academic achievement. 


Clark University --


According to the Clark University Poll of Parents of Emerging Adults -- 74% of parents say they provide financial support to their 18-29 year old children.  


These are important statistcs because they show that the entitlement epidemic is real. Children are getting more and more while doing less and less, without parents even realizing it. This is throwing things off balance for when adulthood comes along, and the blunt reality takes over.


The goal here is to be able to balance things out with discipline rather than using punishment. We want our children to learn right from wong - not resent us. There's more information about this in an article about Discipline vs. Punishment in the Discipline Solution blog.


This Kit decreases things that aren't good for kids, while preparing them for life's responsibilites.

Having the knowledge of these life-skills are just as important as the things children learn in school because the job market and financial world is ever changing and becoming more and more competitive every day. 


It's essential for children to start preparing  as soon as possible, so they can have a jump start on how things work in the real world.  If they don't learn these essential life-skills now, their life and yours may be harder now, and later down the road.  

This system has been researched and studied to make this system cater to a child and parent's needs.  It's been tested, tweaked and rewritten many times over the last few years to narrow things almost down to a science.  - Alot of positive feedback has come from social workers, psycologists, teachers, and the parents who have used the system.

What this system has to offer is extremely valuable to all families with children.  For the cost of tutors, counselors, books or programs, it can cost thousands of dollars.  Let's arm our children with tools for success; while you gain some relief and peace of mind. 


When you invest in this toolkit, not only are you investing in a family that has worked years on this project, but  you are investing in your peace of mind, your children, and their future.  The "Mom Dollar Money" system really does work. .

This self-discipline solution for children is positive, effective, educational, and easy for parents and kids to use.



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