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Honestly- Why do you give?

Recently, someone gave me something that I needed, and I gratefully reciprocated. However, later, I saw an ulterior motive. This particular person gave to me because they were making an attempting to control me. I'm pretty sure they thought that because they had more than me, they could down me, because almost immediately after, this person started treating me differently- and it wasn't good. I then gave the gift back, and told the person that it's not worth receiving if it meant I would be treated differently. Nobody should ever feel bad for receiving a gift.

Why do you give?

Do you give to help a person?

Do you give because a person is in need?

Do you give because you need to feel better about yourself?

Do you give to control another person?

Do you give because you expect to receive something in return?

Giving contributes to your well being as long as you are giving for the right reasons.

Giving and doing things for someone doesn't make you a good person if you treat them like crap or try to make them feel bad for receiving it. If you're going to give, give to help someone- not to look good or play games with.... Not just because you hurt others, but because you hurt yourself. Let me tell you how: Money can buy a lot... it can even buy you company.... but it CAN'T buy you genuine love or true respect. Those MUST be earned. Money is very shallow... It buys things that depreciate... Even money itself depreciates.... But Love.... Real Love is FOREVER.... You will never truly be fulfilled until you give out of love..... and discover how to love and be loved. - Thanks for teaching me this dad. You were on disability and didn't have much, but you gave me all the love a kid could ever want. Even though you are not here in the flesh, our love is FOREVER!!

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