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Angela Reuss (Cincinnati, Ohio) is the author of "Mom Dollar Money"- a tool that motivates children to do chores while teaching life-skills, self-discipline, without paying a cash allowance.  Angela is a single mother of three children and has had multiple careers such as radio host/DJ, photographer and marketing freelancer.

Angela began working with children at a young age in high school while she studied Child Development.  She has also been a photographer for children, families, weddings & entertainers for 17 years. During her years of working in photography, she went into non-profit sector providing social service to the community. Over the last 4 years, she became a DJ and Radio Host.  And more recently, she became a Global Presence Ambassador for the non-profit organization of Parenting 2.0.

Angela's life experiences coupled with having her own children, has led to her genius system toolkit titled "Mom Dollar Money”

In a recent interview Angela Stated:

"There is a big problem with entitlement in U.S. children today. While it’s not our fault, we, as parents, did not prepare for this new wave of media. It’s hard to instill core value when we have things like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, video games, and


whatever next new MTV or Youtube show raising our children. A lot of media is dishing out false information and promises. Not to mention the failure of our educational system to give our children tools needed for the real world. It’s time we step up the way we deliver education in order to synchronize with how our kids are internalizing things nowadays. I’ve found a way to help put a dent in the generation of entitlement. My hope is not to just help families have a better way of structure, but to inspire others to create new ways for children learn.  We tend to forget that our children won’t be kids forever, which is why it's so important to teach these baby birds how to fly.”

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