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Having a hard time dealing with kid chaos? No need to worry! Help is on its way!

4.7 Star Rating

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Are you feeling trapped in the furrows of your child's misbehavior, entitlement mentality, and bad attitude? 

Some call it entitlement, some call it laziness, others call it the affliction of today’s parenting landscape. 

What is it? 

It’s the commonly accepted idea that it’s okay for kids to be spoiled, overindulged, and naïve. 

Enter “Mom Dollar Money”. 

This book & kit contains the keys to unlock the prison that society has placed around our children’s sense of self. 

A disproportionate amount of children are mentally shackled to the pervasive notion that they are exempt from reasonable expectations, and that parents, society, and everyone in general should provide for them until they feel good and ready to do something for themselves (as long as that “something” is easy and doesn’t require any genuine thinking skills or challenges). This life-draining expectation is all around us. Many refer to this as the entitlement generation. 


Statistics reflect this phenomenon: 

  • 74% of parents provide financial support to their adult children, between the ages of 18-29.(Clark Poll of Parents of Emerging Adults) 


  • 64% of parents admit their children are spoiled. (Today Show) 

The correlation between the two is self-evident. 

How Much Parents Pay for their ADULT Children

There is good news though.

This can be turned around IF you catch it early enough.

A solution has now been molded into an ingenious formula. 

Mom Dollar Money” includes a life-enriching kit that parents can conveniently implement with their children. The system uses positive discipline, child psychology, and real-world examples to bring about mental change in children. It's a breakthrough tool that makes it super easy to motivate children to cooperate and do chores, while providing a middle-ground to eliminate power struggles. It's a win-win solution for everyone!


This kit was created in a living laboratory with the author’s own children. The author and her children worked together to construct an agreeable solution that works for everyone.

Parents' and children’s hesitations, viewpoints, desires, and capabilities are interwoven into this awesome kid-approved kit. Kid’s actually love it! 

What exactly can you do with this system?

Give your child a complete behavior makeover.

• Enforce rules without being the bad guy.

• Quickly and easily settle conflicts or disagreements.

• Discipline calmly without yelling, nagging, or spanking.

• Watch your child eagerly and willingly do chores without a fight.

• Watch your child develop an understanding of why you have rules & why they should do their part.

• See your child become independent, accountable, & self-sufficient.

• No more struggling with decision-making on discipline.

• No more worrying if you're giving your child too much or too little.

• No more aggravation of kid chaos.

• Stop the back talking, inappropriate behavior, & sibling fights.

• Know exactly what to do when a child misbehaves.

• Use 2 words to get your child to listen to you instantly.

• Stay organized with discipline, rewards, consequences, and so much more.

• Easily turn around your child's misbehavior right on the spot.

• Equip your child with essential life-skills in a fun & easy way.

• Prepare your child for the real world and instill good work ethic.

• Raise money-smart kids.

• End child entitlement.

• Do all of the above without a cash allowance!

​The system is just as rewarding for kids as it is for parents, and just as entertaining as it is educational

It literally works like magic to help children understand life-skills that you as adults  know, which will put your kids ahead of the game. 

Complete with a foundation to deal with daily conflicts and a proven system to spark good behavior, “Mom Dollar Money” gives you a new approach to inspire and equip your child with tools that will last a lifetime. 

What Others are Saying About PLAY The Discipline Solution

4.7 Star Rating

As a single parent at my wit's end with my own three children, I had to come up with something to get my household under control. I didn't want my kids thinking I was the worst parent ever, so I included my kids in the making of this system. The system ended up becoming the answer for most of the biggest issues that parents face with kids and it enables families to come up with a win-win compromising solution instead of dealing with power struggles.

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The kit provides a helping hand (or an "third arm", so to speak), which assists parents with decision making on discipline. It literally works like magic to make children actually want to listen to their parents and at the same time children get to learn money management, life-skills, and how the real world works (the stuff they need to know, but don't learn in school). Children gain a real-world perspective and mindset that puts them ahead of the game for when they face issues with parents or with the outside world. 

As the author of this book & system, I'm very confident in what we've created. I know that if you follow through and use the kit correctly, you will see a positive change in your child(ren). I've literally spent hours, days, months, and years making sure this book & kit caters to a diverse group of families. If I had any doubts about this system, I would not be presenting this to you today. Those that know me know that I've literally poured my heart and soul into this system.


I've tested it with family after family, and it has been verified over and over that this system really works.

However, I want to make sure that you feel just as confident in purchasing this kit, so I'm offering a 14 day money back guarantee. 

Yes, I'm taking a chance on having to give a refund on years of hard work, but it's better to do that than to take a chance on a family missing out on getting something that can change their life. After all, children really are our future.

The only thing I ask is that you wait 4 days after your purchase before asking for a refund, and when you do ask for a refund, tell me what you felt was wrong with the kit so I can have a chance to make it better.

The reason I do the guarantee this way is to give you some time to actually read the book and try the kit for a couple of days. Ultimately, you have to take the time to use the kit to know if it works or not, right?

So, if you use this system, and for some reason you don't see remarkable changes in your children within a few days, contact me, and I will promptly issue a complete refund.

Mom Dollar Money

Book & Full Kit

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What I'm asking for this life-changing kit is literally nothing in comparison to the years of hard work I've put into it. People spend $10 on a candle at a department store that a machine made in less than 1 minute. 
Is your sanity worth the cost of a candle?

"Entitlement Generation"

-A short documentary

If you're frustrated, overwhelmed, or just need a break from the kid chaos, this kit is the answer!  

Everything is already laid out for you! 

All that's left for you to do is use it. 

It doesn't get much easier than that!

Find out why other parents are saying this is one of the best parenting books and a life changing system.

Legitimate Reviews from other relieved parents

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this Life Changing System

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Mom Dollar Money

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