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The Single Best Sunburn Treatment- and It’s Natural

The summer is here and sunburn is on the raise. We can take preventative measures but sometimes, the sun just catches us off guard, and by then it's too late.

Now everyone’s situation may differ. I am a very fair skinned person. Leave me in the sun to bake for an hour and I will come out looking like a lobster. If you leave my kids in the sun for an hour, they will come out looking like some golden brown rotisserie chickens. That is so NOT fair! (It's a joke. I'm glad my kids don't burn like me.)

Some may burn faster than others, but either way, having a sun burn can be an extremely miserable. So I would like to share with you the best cure for sunburn that I have found to be the most beneficial for many years. Now, I’m not going to patronize you like a lot of the posts you see, and suggest a laundry list of sunburn remedies that you already know about, like:

“Wear sunscreen”

“Wear Protective Clothing”

“Don’t go in the sun for longer than 30 minutes

“Use Aloe Vera”

“Buy all these products”

No! I’m not going to do that! You know why? For starters, you are smart enough to know all of these things already, and it would be ridiculous to post as such. Secondly, the easy solution I’m about to give you is where it’s at.

This is the BEST sunburn treatment to heal sunburn fast. Are you ready for it?


That’s right; vitamin E has a lot of benefits- curing sunburn is a major one. You may or may not have noticed that a lot of lotions have vitamin E in it. So, if you have some bottles of lotion laying around in your house, check the labels to see if there is vitamin E in it. If so, use that bad baby!

What if you don’t have a bottle of Vitamin E lotion laying around?

Check to see if you have the vitamin E supplement in your cabinet somewhere. The capsules can be busted open and put on the skin. That may not seem to amount to a whole lot, but a little bit goes a long way. It’s better than using Alo Vera, which never did anything for my sunburn… EVER!

If you don’t have any vitamin E capsules laying around or lotion with vitamin E in it, you could try creating a concoction with some of these foods that contain vitamin E, (I have not tried this personally) or take a trip to the market. Where I live, they sell vitamin E at Walmart, Kroger, and Walgreens for around $5- $10 depending on the brand and size.

Vitamin E also comes in liquid form so it will be easy to put on the skin. The liquid form can also be found in the same the capsules that we take internally.


Vitamin E may provide little instant relief for the sunburn, BUT you will feel a lot better by tomorrow if you put it on today. Whenever I use it, I’m usually 25% to 50% healed; a few shades lighter, and a whole lot happier when I wake up in the morning with relief. I'm sure there are other sunburn treatments out there that may or may not be effective. But this one is one that I KNOW works. I’m telling you! I swear by it!

I hope this post helps you enjoy your summer a little better.

Disclaimer: This is in no way to be considered as professional medical advice. If you feel you may be in danger of sun poisoning, or have a severe medical issue, contact a physician immediately.

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