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How to STOP Dating Ass Hole Douche Bags in 6 Simple Steps

So you can't seem to find the man you are looking for, and all the men you do end up with are ass hole douche bags. If you are willing to follow these steps, your chances of finding a good man look much brighter than ever before.

1. Work on Yourself: Figure out whatever it is that you want to be "when you grow up" and go for it! This will help you with your insecurities and help you discover how awesome and worth-it you really are. Once you work on that path, the right kind of men will find you more attractive. Yes, men want attractive women at first glance, but to wife you, REAL men want substance, and a woman who is secure in herself- not a beautiful empty shell.

2. Stop Looking: Don't look for prince charming, he doesn't exist. Let me explain...Not only is nobody perfect, but everyone is far from perfect, so don't expect it. Those "night in shining armors" are really douches in disguise. You know how they say if it's too good to be true, it probably is? They're right. I've dated the knights in shining armor only to find out they were putting on a big front... their acting and wewing skills are so good, they should have been Hollywood actors. I've seen plenty of my friends and family go through it too.

3. Don't Get Caught Up: There is no Fairytale, only reality. When you find someone you might like, who might also like you, don't be so in love with the idea of them, that the idea of the person supersedes who the person actually is. He might be an engineer or a handsome Hollywood actor for that matter, but that doesn't mean he's a good person who doesn't do drugs, lie, cheat, abuse, or steal.

4. Patience: Be patient for the right one... Don't settle for just what's available now, and don't settle for things you know is not right.

5. Observe: Talk is cheap. If his words don't match his actions at ANY time, run for your life! Think to yourself, would I do that? If you wouldn't do what they did, they are not only, not right for you but they are most likely scum.

6. Take Inventory: Figure out what you are willing to put up with. Everyone has flaws, but you must decide what you are willing to tolerate for the rest of your life. If necessary, write it all down... things like must haves and can't stands. This should help prevent from wasting precious time on "un-precious" people.

In conclusion, the world is full of good, bad, and mentally ill. Sometimes it can be hard to determine which is which. But if you take the time to observe ACTIONS (not words), you will find the truth. We all want to believe people are good... and sometimes even the douche bag himself may feel he is a good person and not realize the douche he really is. You may be a very loving and giving person, but fools like that don't deserve it- and you don't deserve their douchness.... Therefore channel that love to yourself and give to yourself and your children (if you have any) as you would to others until the right one comes along for you to share it with. In the meantime, keep yourself occupied with pursuing what you wanted to be "when you grew up". It will leave you feeling much more fulfilled with life than any ass hole douche bag could ever make you feel.

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